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Welcome to all, welcome to the Black Label Social Club community. This brand I created for that group of individuals who needs that extra push in their day to day walk. Some people may ask who can be in the club or is there a fee for the club? Nope because It’s not that type of “Club”. This club is a motivational social group, a group that can be there for one another when in need, when they need a friend to hear them out, let them vent, let them reach out if they need help from addiction, they need advise in relationships, they’re dealing with suicidal thoughts or maybe dealing with stages of PTSD.

There are many reasons why this club was created but the main reason was to give a had and open our hearts to help to those close in our hearts. After I started my sobriety, I lost the fire towards my other skills and goals; especially after a close brother of mine died of cancer. I even stopped tattooing and sold all of my equipment. But I had to in order to concentrate on my sobriety and especially on myself. After my first stage of sobriety, I found someone who gave me the motivation to keep on and till this day I stayed sober. Believe me, wasnt easy to go from party bachelor to instant family and in sober mode.

After this year went to crap, I thought on how I could give back to those who gave some sacrife in order for us to survive this awful year. But not just because of that, I also thought of those who were going through some of those life scenario. If it was hard for them before the pandemic, imaging through the pandemic. We had no where to go, no one to visit, no one to come and help you while your dealing with your sobriety, ptsd, anxieties, etc.

We need to CARPE VITAM(Seize Life) and not worry on what happened in the days that past but we have to march on through to better days and better future.

“ iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Prov 27:17

Till next time, and thank you for giving a moment and glance to our product and to our story. Will tell you that I will do my best to write as professional as possible but l will throw some words here and there , cuz it’s hard clean up your language after all those year... but if in the future any of you would like to share your story of seizing life, feel free to email me and your welcome to share your words.

As always, CARPE VITAM/ SEIZE LIFE always. One love and Godspeed

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