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Unity, what does it mean to one?

For me, it means to be one with my self; mind-body& soul in harmony. If you dont have harmony in life, you can’t create a rhythm that you could walk to. Once you find it, grasp it and use it to better yourself every moment, every morning you wake up. Give thanks to God for blessing you with that gift of unity in yourself. But make sure it’s for good, make sure it makes you as a whole. Once you accomplish that, then you’ll be heading towards some good moments in your life.

I found my Unity & helped me deal with my addictions. Got me walking to a rhythm in life that gave me the confidence to be different than what I was, don’t get me wrong as long as I’m in this world the flesh will taint me with the pass and try to break my rhythm, try to dissolve and vaporare my Unity. Every morning I pray that I stay on course and I learn from the good and bad lessons in which I’ll be experiencing that day.


That’s my take for this moment.

Thanks for giving me a moment of your time to share this with you.

I’m no doctor but this is my view

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