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You have to keep in mind that everyday we get to regroup ourselves. No matter what is thrown at you on that day, the following day wake up and start a new day in your life. Life will throw different ways to knock you down from your sobriety or mental battles or physical issues. It’s ok, we all go through the same battles in different ways, what matters is how your going to make things better.

Doubting oneself is a big way to throw you off the tracks, letting others issues stress you out will get you off the tracks, but no matter what comes your way stay on course. Keep in mind that the only person your responsible about is yourself, no one else especially when your dealing with any type of sobriety.

I have dealt with other peoples issues that made me bring myself down and stated to doubt my self making me think WHY Am I doing my sobriety living if I’m going to let other peoples issues bring me down to there level. That spirit of doubt will take you down if your not strong in your walk. You have to keep in mind that even if your 1 day into your sober life, YOU ARE WINNING. You’re better than the day before, that’s for damn sure. Make your walk in life worth every breath you take every time you wake up in a new day. That’s why when they say ONE DAY AT A TIME, means a lot to many of us…even if you have days, weeks, months, or years in the sobriety lifestyle.

Stay strong in your walk my people, God will always have your backs and so will the other sober individuals in this war.


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